Virtual Tech Conference | 1st August 2013 | 4PM till 10PM

Here is another chance to learn from MVPs. Microsoft & MVPs present VTC – Virtual Tech Conference – 12 Hours of non stop learning.

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Dev Track Sessions

4:00PM IST/6:30AM EST

Karthikeyan Anbarasan

VTC – Create Cross Platform apps effectively with Portable Class Libraries
Session Agenda:

· Cross platform app development

· Portable Class Library

· MVVM pattern for WP

5:00PM IST/7:30AM EST

Niraj Bhatt

VTC – Introduction to Windows Azure Active Directory

Session Agenda:

· Windows Azure


· Mobile Services

· Active Directory

· Identity

6:00PM IST/8:30AM EST

Vishnu Tiwari

VTC – Integrating On-premise SQL Server with Salesforce using BizTalk Server 2013

Session Agenda:

· Introduction to BizTalk 2013

· Communication between On-premise and cloud

· New BizTalk 2013 adapters to support On-premise and cloud integration

· Context for Salesforce and On-premise SQL Integration

· Unearthing various integration components

7:00PM IST/9:30AM EST

Nauzad Kapadia

VTC – OAuth and the App security model in SharePoint 2013

Session Agenda:

· Introduction to new Security Model for Apps

· OAuth 2.0 support in SharePoint 2013

· S2S High Trust protocol

8:00PM IST/10:30AM EST

Ashutosh Singh

VTC – Enriching SharePoint Search using FAST

Session Agenda:

· Overview of Search in SharePoint

· Overview of FAST 4 SharePoint

· Pipeline Extensibility for FAST and its advantages

· SharePoint 2013 & Enrichment of search results

9:00PM IST/11:30AM EST

Dr Nitin Paranjape

VTC – What every developer should know about Office

Session Agenda:

· Code Compatibility

· Object model nuances

· Understanding Excel List Object

· Methods available for dumping raw data for user level usage

· How to prevent rewriting existing features





IT Pro Track Sessions

4:00PM IST/6:30AM EST

Shantanu Kaushik

VTC – Preparing and Deploying Windows 8

Session Agenda:

· Application Compatibility

· User state migration

· Pre-install Environment

· Volume activation

· Deployment Options

· Performance and assessment toolkit

5:00PM IST/7:30AM EST

Geetesh Bajaj

VTC – Working with Flowcharts in Microsoft Office

Session Agenda:

· Working with Flowcharts

· Why Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?

· Flowchart Symbols

· Working with Connectors

· Quick Flowcharts with SmartArt

6:00PM IST/8:30AM EST

Sundararajan Narasiman

VTC – SharePoint 2013 App Model – SharePoint Hosted Apps

Session Agenda:

· SharePoint 2013 App Model

· SharePoint Hosted Apps

· Auto Hosted Apps

7:00PM IST/9:30AM EST

Ravikanth C

VTC – Desired State Configuration in PowerShell 4.0

Session Agenda: This is a demo oriented session. In this session, we will look at an introduction to DSC and see how the system administrators and DevOps teams can benefit from this feature.

8:00PM IST/10:30AM EST

Ratish Nair

VTC – Exchange Server 2013 Load balancing and Outlook Client Connectivity

Session Agenda:

· Exchange server 2013 – an overview of features

· Relevance of load balancing with Exchange 2013

· Configuring Exchange 2013 for load balancing

· Differences between Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing

· Details on outlook client connectivity – the connection process

· Troubleshooting issues with load balancing

9:00PM IST/11:30AM EST

Prabhat Nigam

VTC – Exchange 2013 – Database Availability Group and Auto Reseed

Session Agenda:

· DAG and Auto Reseed overview

· Benefits of DAG and Auto Reseed

· Getting started with DAG and Auto reseed.

· Configure DAG

· Configure Auto Reseed

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