Different Database Services in AWS

Amazon Web Services offer a wide variety of Database Services that are purposely built for every use-case. This is great. But if you are new to AWS, you may get overwhelmed with the broad range of database services. Don’t worry, it’s quite natural. After reading this blog post, you will have a fair idea about each DB service offering in AWS.

Let us see Amazon Database Services available for different Database type. The list will also help you to identify the perfect use cases for each DB Service.

I just hope this table will help you get more clarity about DB Services offering in AWS. It also has perfect use-case example for each Database type. Now you can identify which database services offering you should use in each scenario.

S. No. Database Type AWS Database services Use cases (Scenarios)
1 Relational Amazon Aurora,
Amazon RDS,
Amazon RedShift
Traditional applications, ERP, CRM, e-commerce
2 Key-Value Amazon DynamoDB High-traffic web apps, e-commerce systems, gaming applications
3 In-Memory Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached,
Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
Caching, session management, gaming leaderboards, geospatial applications
4 Document Amazon DocumentDB (With Mongo Support) Content management, catalogs, user profiles
5 Wide-Column Amazon Keyspaces (For Apache Cassandra) High scale industrial apps for equipment maintenance, fleet management, and route optimization
6 Graph Amazon Neptune Fraud detection, social networking, recommendation engines
7 Time Series Amazon TimeStream IoT applications, DevOps, industrial telemetry
8 Ledger Amazon QLDB Systems of record, supply chain, registrations, banking transactions

We will shortly add context to each service and link the relevant blogs. It will help you understand the Service in a better way. We plan to put a small How-to blog also for each service. You can request us to make the How-to blog on priority for your favourite DB Service by commenting below.

Happy Learning!

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