SQL Tip-3 | Don’t Shrink your Database

You should avoid shrinking your database until and unless it becomes unmanageable. Shrinking is a Resource intensive task, Moreover it introduces high degree of fragmentation which affects performance.

Let’s say you shrink a Database, Now if the data is growing in your database the data\log file will reserve more space by auto-growth (if configured) to meet the new requirements. So it does the same work again, Moreover your data is now fragmented which needs to be fixed by doing maintenance activity.

So, The best way to keep free space manageable in your data\log files is to configure Auto-Growth setting with fixed numbers (size) rather than using Percentage (%) value, this will make the auto-growth predictable and ensure that the growth will not go beyond a certain limit.

Happy Learning 🙂

Sarabpreet Singh Anand
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