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GA Temporal Tables in Azure SQL Database

On 12th October 2016 (yesterday) Microsoft announced General Availability (GA) of Temporal Tables in Azure SQL Database. You can use temporal tables to track the full history of data changes directly in Azure SQL Database, without the need for custom coding. With temporal tables, you can see your data as of any point in the past and use a declarative cleanup policy to control retention for the historical data.

Use temporal tables to:

  • Perform data auditing in your applications.
  • Analyze trends or detect anomalies over time.
  • Implement a slowly changing dimension pattern.
  • Perform fine-grained row repairs at the row level, in case of accidental data errors made by humans or applications.

To get started, create system-versioned temporal tables or extend existing tables to become temporal. I’ll soon blog about Temporal Tables in Azure SQL Database. Stay Tuned!

Sarabpreet Singh Anand
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