SQL Server Day – Delhi, 05 Dec 2010

SQLServerGeeks.com hosted its monthly dose of SQL Server knowledge & learning in Gurgaon on 5th Dec 2010. This was another opportunity to learn maximum from SQL Server Geeks. The event was hosted at the Microsoft premises in Gurgaon.

The event kicked off with Sarabpreet Singh’s session on Implementing Database Snapshots, which was targeted at DBA’s to make them understand how to implement snapshots in their current environment and the usefulness of it. Amit Bansal gave a lecture on Deploying & Securing OLAP databases targeting it towards the BI Developers & IT Pros to let them know more about the OLAP world. The session focused on Deployment and Security techniques. After this session we came to the last session of the day addressed by Rajni Kant Ranjan from Wipro about Data Synchronization using Replication, which actually focuses on the Developer’s audience to show how to replicate the data from database into the applications with proper synchronization.

It was a a fun-filled day for all, besides the event we also had a great photography session. Heartfelt gratitude goes to Rishu Mehra, M. V. Priyank & Col. Dhanaraj Saripalli for coordinating the entire event so smoothly.

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