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Introduction of SQL Server on Azure VM (IaaS)

SQL Server on Azure VM is yet another example of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). This is just like running SQL Server on a VM in your own data center, the only difference here is you don’t have to own all that hardware and maintain it, all the hardware is owned, hosted & maintained by Microsoft only. The best part is you still get an option to bring your own license of SQL Server if you have one – means if you already have a SQL Server license you can (migrate your license to Azure) use the same license on cloud. If you use this model you’ll be only charged for (compute + storage cost)

Even if you don’t have a SQL License don’t you worry, you will get an option to select a pre-installed SQL VM image from gallery while creating your VM and you’ll be charged for your (compute + storage cost + SQL License cost) means you pay only what you use – As per your usage J; the billing is per minute basis.

Just like any other service here also you’ll get multiple service tiers, each with different capabilities and SLAs. I’ll discuss more on this in my later blogs.

While you will start using SQL Server on Azure VM, but it will be same On-Premise SQL Server product (Edition & Version of your own choice) with the same features and capabilities. You don’t have to compromise on any feature.

You have multiple ways of migrating data from on-premise to SQL Server running on Azure VM.

The icing of the cake is getting an option to configure AlwaysOn Availability group by using multiple VMs in Virtual Network.

Hope you enjoyed the post, and you got basic understanding about SQL Server on Azure VM. Feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

Sarabpreet Singh Anand
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