Find Users with DBOwner Database role

Scenario: Auditors need a list of Users who have DBOwner Database role on any of the database which are hosted on Tier 1 Servers. Giving this information was Very easy for few servers where the DBCount was around 10 to 20, but we also have 8 SharePoint servers each hosting 200-350 DBs. Extracting this information on all these Servers was a pain, to ease things I created a script which can get all this information on a single execution.

This script can help you to extract the list of users from all databases who have DBOwner role. Once you execute the query you’ll get three column output for the query, three columns are: Database_Name, Role_Name, DBUser_Name. All the column names are self-explanatory.

You can download the script from this link: Find_DBOwners_from_All_Databases.sql

This is how the output will look like:



Note: Tested successfully on SQL Server 2012.

Happy Learning 🙂

Sarabpreet Singh Anand
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