Benefits of using Windows Azure Storage

Everybody is talking about Cloud now a days, its the next big thing in the market and we are curious to know more about it. Microsoft introduced Windows Azure Storage features long time back but we are still not aware about its full potential.

Azure storage accounts provides many great features but for the sake of brevity let’s look at some really cool things you must be aware of as an end user:

  1. Nearly bottomless storage: you don’t have to worry about how much storage we have and how to manage your devices.
  2. No Provisioning is required:
  3. Relatively economical Option: It is comparatively cheaper than having on-premise storage with so many capabilities.
  4. No Device management: you don’t have to bother about device management.
  5. Geo-Redundant: Provides a capability of Geo-Redundant.
  6. Media Safety.
  7. Remote Accessibility: You can access the data anywhere.
  8. Flexible, reliable, and limitless off-site storage: no need to ship the backup tapes to Offsite location to meet Compliance and prepare for DR.

To know more about the storage accounts and its pricing, please check the below link:


Sarabpreet Singh